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Alimony: the 2018 Statute and it's [July] 2021 Amendment

Thursday, July 22, 2021
9:00 am12:00 pm
3-hour Zoom workshop: To Register contact Honey Hastings (

Alimony: the 2018 Statute and its [July] 2021 Amendment

This 3-hour Zoom workshop will be given on these dates:
22 July (Thursday) @ 9 am
30 July (Friday) @ 11 am
4 August (Wednesday) @ 9 am

Cost: $95.

This workshop was approved by FMCB as a 3-hour hybrid (updates/skills) course.

The workshop will include a section-by-section review of the 2018 alimony law and the amendment effective 9 July 2021. It will cover:

What cases the 2018 law applies to and what law applies in the other cases;
Basic criteria for alimony and how that differs from the old law;
The amount and duration formulas and reasons to vary from them;
Cohabitation and other reasons for termination of alimony;
Reimbursement & Social Security alimony-all new in 2018; and
Impact of the 2021 amendment.

There will be 3 practical exercises. We will discuss each exercise as well as questions from attendees.
Presenter: Honey Hastings, who drafted both these bills.