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About Us

The New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association (NHCRA) is a statewide non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting and enhancing the practice, public understanding and use of peaceable and effective conflict resolution. 
NHCRA is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting entirely of volunteers elected by the membership, to serve three-year terms on a staggered basis. Officers of the association are elected annually by the Board of Directors. The work of NHCRA is done by volunteers in our committees.  An amazing team of volunteers work together to brainstorm, develop and implement a wide range of programs, workshops and initiatives aimed at accomplishing NHCRA goals. 

NHCRA Board of Directors

Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting each year, for a 3 year term.  If you are interesting in joining NHCRA's Board of Directors, please contact our organization through the Contact Us form.

  • President: Kristen Kelley, CFM

    Certified Family Mediator, Industrial Psychologist & Conflict Management Consultant
    Term: 2018 -2021 (Extended to 2022)

  • Treasurer: Jessica Ecker, Esq., CFM

    Certified Family Mediator, Collaborative and Family Law
    Term: 2018 -2021(Extended to 2022)

  • Secretary:

    Open Position

  • Board Member: Keely Noyes, CFM

    Certified Family Mediator
    Term: 2018 -2021 (Extended to 2022)

  • Board Member: Marianne Rousseau, Esq., CFM

    Certified Family Mediator, Collaborative and Family Law
    Term: 2018 -2021 (Extended to 2022)

  • Board Member: Debbie Martin-Demers, Esq.

    Certified Family Mediator, Collaborative and Family Law Attorney
    Term: 2022-2025



    Develops and hosts relevant, interesting and innovative continuing education seminars for students and professionals in Alternative Dispute Resolution and related fields
    Offers workshops that are designed and timed to assist mediators and other professionals meet the certification and licensing requirements of their respective professions
    Brainstorms and develops initiatives that are both aspirational and pragmatic, in support of NHCRA's Mission and goals
    Develops and implements programs that promote NHCRA goals

    Committee Members:
    Keely Noyes -Chair
    Mary Sargent
    Kristen Kelley
    Fran Lane
    Marianne Rousseau


    Recruits and submits Board member nominees annually to Board
    Recruits and submits officer nominees annually to Board
    Recruits and submits New Hampshire Family Mediator Certification Board nominees to Board 

    Committee Members:
    Kristen Kelley
    Paul Lipnick


    Informs NHCRA and the public of proposed and recently enacted legislation and rules impacting Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Hampshire
    Supports legislation that promotes the goals of the NHCRA
    Legislative and Courts Committee:



    Maintains all content on the NHCRA website, including relevant updates on issues of importance to members, as well as NHCRA's events calendar

    Committee Members:
    Kristen Kelley - Chair
    Jess Ecker

Family Mediator Certification Board Members Nominated by NHCRA

One of the roles of the NHCRA Board of Directors is to nominate five certified family mediators to the Family Mediator Certification Board, with approval from the Executive Council, and appointment by the Governor (RSA 328-C:4). The FMCB is an active and robust board that meets on a monthly basis. In this role, board members protect and assist the public by providing standards of practice for family mediation. The board is  responsible for the review and approval of training and continuing education for certified family mediators and certified family mediator training programs, investigation of complaints, and any other components affecting the standard of practice for certified family mediators (RSA 328-C:1).

Qualified candidates should exemplify:

Experience - as a family mediator in NH, understanding of how the certification program operates.

Support of NHCRA - membership is in good standing, volunteered on committees or the B.O.D., held or regularly attends NHCRA sponsored workshops & events.

Demonstrated Support of Mediation Field - frequency of on-boarding interns, able to speak to being an intern supervisor and supporting interns as they navigate the CFM process.

Reliability - ability to attend monthly meeting in Concord. 



Our financial objective is to operate as efficiently as possible, while fulfilling our responsibilities to our community, our members and our donors. We work hard to ensure the long-term sustainability of NHCRA, while keeping annual membership dues among the lowest in the country.

We make our IRS Form 990 available for review, as required by law. If you would like further information, please contact us.