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Family Mediator Certification Board Members Nominated by NHCRA

NHCRA is currently taking resumes and letters of interest from interested candidates.

One of the roles of the NHCRA Board of Directors is to nominate five certified family mediators to the Family Mediator Certification Board, with approval from the Executive Council, and appointment by the Governor (RSA 328-C:4). The FMCB is an active and robust board that meets on a monthly basis. In this role, board members protect and assist the public by providing standards of practice for family mediation. The board isĀ  responsible for the review and approval of training and continuing education for certified family mediators and certified family mediator training programs, investigation of complaints, and any other components affecting the standard of practice for certified family mediators (RSA 328-C:1).

Qualified candidates may submit both their resume and letter of interest to by March 5th, 2021. Interviews are to be held on March 16th, 2021 via Zoom. Interested candidates should be prepared to speak to their qualifications, experience and contributions in the following areas:

Experience - as a family mediator in NH, understanding of how the certification program operates.

Support of NHCRA - membership is in good standing, volunteered on committees or the B.O.D., held or regularly attends NHCRA sponsored workshops & events.

Demonstrated Support of Mediation Field - frequency of on-boarding interns, can speak to being an intern supervisor and supporting interns as they navigate the CFM process.