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NHCRA Committees - An Opportunity to Make a Difference!

NHCRA believes that the best solutions come from the exchange of ideas between people with diverse points of view and perspectives.  If you believe things could be better, get involved!  NHCRA welcomes and values your ideas and input, and the best way to have your voice heard is to join one or more of our committees or our Board of Directors.  


  •  Develops and hosts relevant, interesting and innovative continuing education seminars for students and professionals in Alternative Dispute Resolution and related fields
  • Offers workshops that are designed and timed to assist mediators and other professionals meet the certification and licensing requirements of their respective professions
  • Brainstorms and develops initiatives that are both aspirational and pragmatic, in support of NHCRA's Mission and goals
    Develops and implements programs that promote NHCRA goals

Education Committee - Chair:

Keely Noyes

Other Education Committee Members:

Mary Sargent

Kristen Kelley

Fran Lane

Marianne Rousseau


  • Promotes expanded membership in NHCRA
  • Promotes public awareness of NHCRA
  • Plans and hosts member events

Communications Committee - Chair:

Paul Lipnick

Other Communications Committee Members:



  • Recruits and submits Board member nominees annually to Board
  • Recruits and submits officer nominees annually to Board
  • Recruits and submits New Hampshire Family Mediator Certification Board nominees annually to Board 

Nominating Committee - Chair:

Eileen Meaney 

Other Nominating Committee Members:

Paul Lipnick


  • Informs NHCRA and the public of proposed and recently enacted legislation and rules impacting Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Hampshire
  • Supports legislation that promotes the goals of the NHCRA

Legislative and Courts Committee - Chair:


Other Legislative and Courts Committee Members:



  • Maintains all content on the NHCRA website, including relevant updates on issues of importance to members, as well as NHCRA's events calendar

Website Committee - Chair:

Kristen Kelley

Other Website Committee Members:

Jessica Ecker